The Rose Down Under

Published on September 7, 2012

Move over Ruta Gedmintas. There is a new girl that’s been catching my eye lately and she goes by the name of Ruby Rose.

If you don’t know who Ruby is, I’ll give you the quick lowdown. Ruby is part Australian model, part MTV VJ (aka a DJ for music videos), part fashion designer, part tattoo lover, part regular DJ, part anti-bullying activist, and full on lesbian.

And, all of these things and the woman is just 26 years old.

What I find particularly amazing about Ruby is her activism. She is an ambassador for the Australian Human Rights Commission’s BackMeUp campaign, which helps people deal with cyber bullying. She is also against fur (a girl after my own heart) and was able to combine her Maxim magazine cover shoot with her anti-fur campaign with PETA.

Two birds with one stone (sorry PETA). Pure genius.

As if all these things weren’t enough, she is also drop dead gorgeous. Like the kind of gorgeous that women leave their husbands of 20 years for. She really seems to have it all.

After obsessing over her for the past week I have also concluded that Ruby is great because she is a very proud lesbian.

Ruby was bullied throughout school both verbally and physically for her sexuality. She was even hospitalized at 16 from being attacked. Ruby isn’t afraid or embarrassed to talk about her past but instead speaks out and pushes for an end to bullying.

In my eyes, Ruby is a goddess. A wonderful, Australian, lesbian goddess. Keep an eye out for her because this isn’t the last time you’ll be hearing about Ruby Rose. In fact, her first single “Guilty Pleasure” will be making its debut soon so you may even be hearing of her sooner than you thought.


The Changing of the Rosie

Published on August 31, 2012

Rosie O’Donnell is a name you’ve probably heard more the past few weeks than since her OG talk show hosting days during her comedic prime.

First she suffered a heart attack earlier this month. At the time, she didn’t even realize she was having one, which according to the American Heart Association, happens to about 50 percent of women who are in fact suffering from an attack.

Just a small side note on heart attacks: a lot of women mistake heart attack symptoms for the flu because they think the signs of a heart attack will be blatantly obvious, but this isn’t so. Heart disease is the leading cause of death for women in the United States so be sure to check the symptoms before you fall victim to this “widow maker.”

After that ordeal, O’Donnell then married her fiancé, Michelle Rounds.  Well, the two actually wed privately June 9th though it wasn’t revealed to the public until August (the nerve of those two…trying to keep their private life a secret!).

And finally, probably the most newsworthy thing O’Donnell has done this month, in my opinion, is announce she is moving towards a more plant-based diet. I first read about this on her blog (which I highly suggest avoiding if you care anything at all about grammar. I am able to appreciate the style in which is written, but I get more and more light headed every time I see “r” instead of “are”).

In Michael d’Estries’ article about O’Donnell and her plant-based diet, he says, “a vegan diet can have profound effects on reversing the effects of cardiovascular disease.”

As a vegetarian myself, I was extremely happy to read this as I am always excited at the mention of consuming less meat (all kinds of meat, that is).

The American Heart Association suggests eating, among other things, a diet rich in vegetables with lean protein. A common misconception is that vegan and vegetarians don’t get enough protein when in fact many American’s get too much protein through meat.

So, while I realize this article won’t get you to change your diet dramatically into vegetarian or veganism, I do hope you take the time to at least Google heart attack symptoms and preventions so you don’t end up like Rosie. The world is already short on lesbians; lets not have any more of us fall victim to the “widow maker” before we are even legally allowed to wed in all of our home states.


Loving to Hate MRod

Published on August 24, 2012

Michelle Rodriguez is quite possibly the number one straight woman that I love to hate.

I got my first glance at Michelle during my embarrassingly long obsession with the movie Blue Crush. Her character was the sweet-talking, tough love type with an amazing body, so it was hard to not at the very least hope the woman was a lesbian.

My dreams, of course, have since been crushed after finding out that she is not gay. Or so she says.

If you type “Michelle Rodriguez” into Google, “Michelle Rodriguez gay” is the second thing that pops up, with the first being just her name.  (For the record, the fourth is “Michelle Rodriguez feet” but I will let you explore on your own.)

Anyway, I’m not here to dispute her sexuality. If she says she’s not gay, she’s not gay.

But come on.

After Curve magazine put her on their cover, Rodriguez said, “Whatever, I’m not insulted, I have a big lesbian following, and for whatever reasons they show me love.”

Umm…for whatever reasons? Is this a joke?

Michelle. Sweetie. I don’t know why you resist the lesbians so much. We love you. Well we loved you, that is. I was even willing to look past the DUIs and jail time you have racked up until you started to take it upon yourself to shout about how “not gay” you are at every possible moment. You claim you can’t get away with being gay because you don’t have enough exposure like Ellen DeGeneres.

Fine, so you aren’t gay. I don’t think you need to prove yourself gay or straight to anyone, but I do have just two pointers to steer you in a straighter line.

One way to get yourself out of this lesbian rut is to quit being on the covers of lesbian magazines like Curve and G3.

Next should probably ask your friends, like openly bisexual Kristanna Loken, to stop insinuating you two have more than just a platonic relationship.

And even just today you linked yourself to us yet again by picking a photo by Tasya van Ree as your “Pic of the Week” on your Facebook page. Although, thank you for that:

For now though, I will take your word and keep my crushing on straight celebrities to Ruta Gedmintas. But if and when you do get away with the “I’m gay level of exposure” you talk about, don’t come crawling back to us lesbians. We’ve had it.

Why British TV Trumps American TV – A Lesbian Perspective

Published on July 2012

Being a poor recent college grad, I was forced to either shut off my cable for a month or starve to death. I’d rather starve then go a day without The Real Housewives of New Jersey, but 20 minutes into my month without food, I caved. Cable had to go.

That being said, I tossed aside my relationship with The Real Housewives and replaced it with Netflix. After I had finished every season of all the trashy reality shows Netflix could offer, I stumbled upon Lip Service. The photo of two women seductively gazing into one another’s eyes quickly caught my attention and I cleared my schedule for the next two days. I could tell this would be a good show.

The opening scene made it obvious that Lip Service would not disappoint. The lead, Frankie (Ruta Gedmintas), who is so attractive it’s almost revolting, starts off by photographing a model, which quickly escalates into a steamy lesbian sex scene within the first few minutes. I finally found a quality show!

Two days later I had finished both seasons. I quickly jumped on my computer and Googled all I could about the show. I followed everyone on Twitter and once I realized the tweeting I was doing to Ruta Gedmintas was rapidly passing the “devoted fan” line and progressing at an alarming rate towards the “stalker” line, I sat in my room and reflected.

What was it about this show that made me crazy in love? Why hadn’t I been able to watch a show before that had the same effect on me?

I came the conclusion that this show got me obsessed because of its British roots. Not only does this mean that the accents are absolutely tantalizing – and the ladies actually use words like “shag” in real life – but I feel British TV shows aren’t afraid of non-heterosexual sex the way American shows are.

Sure, we all know and love The L Word, the iconic lesbian television series that comes to mind whenever anyone argues that lesbians have in fact broken into the television world. Or Glee and Pretty Little Liars… both breaking the lesbian stereotype of the classic butch lesbians with the pretty and popular woman-lover. But must we watch straight couple after straight couple have sex onscreen while the token lesbian simply admits she has feelings for women? Maybe a kiss is thrown in there every once in a while, but come on. Where are the real scenes? The scenes that make women who love women feel like they aren’t being left out of every show.

In no way am I asking to watch lesbian porn on cable, but people pat ABC Family on the back for throwing a lesbian character in a show like they’re brave for being so diverse. It’s not like the idea of being a lesbian is new, though I do appreciate the slow addition of lesbian acceptance in America. However, it’s much too slow for my taste. British TV is where it’s at if you want the raunchy, real stuff.

Lip Service, like any good show really, is based largely on sex. Frankie loves her ex-girlfriend Cat, Cat is with her girlfriend Sam, Cat’s roommate Tess likes Lexy but Lexy likes Sam. Simply a mess. It’s almost like a less hard-hitting version ofThe L WordThe L Word covered topics like transgender issues and co-parenting, but Lip Service is just a messy group of friends, ex-lovers, new lovers etc., and their lives – similar to a lesbian Sex and the City (but with much less annoying characters). Trying to make careers for themselves, living through breakups and new lovers, with seductive sex scenes sprinkled in the mix, is the basic foundation of this series.

While Europe may have it all – accents, sexy television shows, and awesome pubs – with the invention of Netflix, Lip Service can, and should, be yours here in the USA. So, though I rant about America not having shows that feature lesbians without focusing solely on the fact they are lesbians, I get over it every time I pour a bowl of Rice Crispies and tweet to Ruta Gedamintas. Maybe one day we will be like Europe in the television sense, but in the meantime, Netflix (and it’s category specifically called ‘British Television’) will work just fine.

What it takes to be a visually impaired student at UNL

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