Lesbian Couple Refused Fertility Treatment in Madrid

Published September 25, 2015

A lesbian couple claims they were refused the right to receive artificial insemination so they are suing the Spanish health ministry, regional authorities and a Madrid hospital.

According to a spokeswoman for Women’s Link Worldwide, the women were refused treatment due to a government regulation that denies women IVF without a male partner.

The couple said that denying them treatment is a breach of their reproductive health rights as well as discrimination.

The pair started the procedure in 2014, but were told last November by a hospital that they could not continue anymore after an order from the health ministry was issued.

The ministry said that treatment was granted only to “couples who spent 12 months unsuccessfully trying to have a child through sexual intercourse, excluding lesbian couples de facto,” AFP wrote.

The couples’ lawyer, Carmen Miguel, said that the lawsuit was done “so that no other woman who opts to be a mother will be discriminated against by the public health system.”

The court heard the case on Monday and issued a ruling at a later date.


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