Caitlyn Jenner to Ellen DeGeneres: I Used to Wear Pantyhose During Motivational Speeches

Published September 10, 2015

In her first talk show appearance since the Diane Sawyer interview, Caitlyn Jenner spoke with Ellen DeGeneres about wearing pantyhose under her clothes while she gave motivational speeches as Bruce.
“So here’s something that I read that I think is really fascinating and this is really gutsy of you,” DeGeneres said. “You were doing these motivational speeches, you were traveling around the country and being a motivational speaker as an athlete and as an Olympian, and under your suit you were wearing a bra and pantyhose to feel like yourself.”
“Yeah, I did do that a lot,” Jenner said, adding she was always very stealthy.
“I was always wearing a suit,” Jenner said. “So they couldn’t really feel anything under. I was good at this stuff. I would literally go back to the hotel room, cross dress, walk out around the hotel, and they would never know.”
When asked if she thought about coming out earlier, Jenner said the timing was never right.
“Back in the ‘80s, I went through a really difficult time,” she said. “I lived by myself for maybe six years up in the mountains, up in Malibu. I never really left the house besides just to go to work. I was on hormones, [and] I thought for sure I would transition before I was 40 years of age, and I got to 39 and just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t go any further.”
Though Jenner said she did used to be against same-sex marriage, now she would “never want to stand in front of anybody’s happiness,” DeGeneres says she isn’t convinced.
“She still has a judgement about gay marriage,” DeGeneres told The Howard Stern Show. “I said, ‘you’re wanting people to understand and accept you…and you still have a judgement about gay people and marriage…”
Season 13 of The Ellen DeGeneres Show premiered September 8.

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