Boy Scouts Rescind Employment Offer to Out Lesbian

Published October 8, 2014

The Boy Scouts of America have reportedly discriminated against another person due to their sexual orientation.

Yasmine Cassini, 29, was offered a position as director of their new adventure center in Denver, but she said when she told the organization she was an open lesbian, they retracted the offer.

“During the employment process, this individual brought it to our attention that she did not meet the requirements for employment,” BSA said.

Cassini, who said she was excited for this new career move, read the Scouts manual and found it does not protect employees based on sexual orientation.

“If you’re going to work for Hooters, you need to be an attractive young lady,” Elwyn Schaefer, employment law attorney, said. “They’re not going to necessarily say that, but it is part of their hiring criteria.”

She said claims of discrimination can be hard to prove, but Cassini wants to make it known discrimination is unacceptable.

“I want to raise awareness that discrimination is not okay and it’s something that is still occurring and it has to stop,” Cassini said. “Something needs to change and that change needs to happen now.”

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