Elton John Will Use Platform for Russian Gay Rights Fight

Published December 9, 2013 on The Seattle Lesbian

Elton John will be the first major Western star known for his strong support of LGBT rights to play in Russia since Putin signed the national law banning “propaganda of homosexuality” to minors.

John is set to play a concert in Moscow on Friday and in Volga city of Kazan on Saturday. He’s vowed to speak up about Russia’s laws concerning gay rights. He told CNN last month that he was “going to say something from the stage that’s…going to be meaningful.”

However, John also knows his must be cautious because he fears being too critical of President Vladimir Putin will get him thrown out of Russia.

Lady Gaga is currently being fined for her concert last month under the child protection law. Madonna also used the St. Petersburg state to speak up against local legislation, but that was before the law was signed.

John publicly came out about his sexuality in 1988, when homosexuality was still a crime in Russia, and 11 years before it was denounced as a mental disorder that should be treated in the country.

He is in a civil partnership with David Furnish and they have two children born to a surrogate mother.

– See more at: http://theseattlelesbian.com/elton-john-will-use-platform-for-russian-gay-rights-fight/#sthash.FaEJdgTq.dpuf


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