Mila Kunis: Will You Take Me to the Dance?

Published on The Seattle Lesbian on March 15, 2013

What’s more romantic than being asked to a dance by a giant, spray-painted rock and a 6-pack of Blue Moon beer?

That’s right, absolutely nothing.

So what are you waiting for Mila Kunis? This is exactly how you have been asked to Hollins University’s spring Cotillion dance!

Senior at the small, private women’s college in Virginia, Kristen Bledsoe, created a video asking Kunis to the dance last week. She sat atop a giant rock, with the words “Mila, Cotillion?” spray painted on it and popped the question while holding Kunis’s favorite beer in hand.

“I would really like to go out with a bang,” Bledsoe says in the video. “Or…I would really like to go out with you.”

Bledsoe uploaded the video on YouTube on March 10 after making an account specifically to ask Kunis out. The minute and a half video already has over 8,700 views though, sadly, not one from Kunis apparently.

Bledsoe has been crushing on Kunis every since her role in Black Swan. Though, I think it’s safe to say millions of people worldwide began their crushing on Kunis after that role.

Bledsoe told The Daily Beast that if Kunis did happen to agree to the date, she would “really like to just have a semi-causal evening hanging out with her. To get a seat at a table, have a couple of drinks, and speak with her and enjoy her company.”

So, why exactly does Bledsoe want Kunis as her date? “She is very grounded, and she is always herself,” she told The Daily Beast. “She is private, but she is real. She has a great sense of humor, and, you know, she isn’t bad looking either.”

Kunis might be not be a lesbian herself (sigh), but she is certainly in tune with the LGBT community.

“I was raised in a household where there wasn’t a separation between straight people and gay people,” Kunis told The Advocate in 2011. “So I never saw being gay as something out of the ordinary.”

Though Kunis still hasn’t responded to the date, she did tell BBC reporter Chris Stark recently that she never turns down a date. And, in 2011, she went to a U.S. Marine Corps Ball in North Carolina when Sgt. Scott Moore asked her out also via YouTube video.

Before all you ladies start throwing yourselves as back up dates for Bledsoe in case Kunis never responds, please note that the funny and adorable senior does have a girlfriend, however, she is unable to make it to the dance.

Even if Kunis never responds, Bledsoe told The Daily Beast that she won’t be too disappointed. “I am gay,” she pointed out. “Any attention the video gets is a great way to highlight LGBTQ awareness in a rural southern state.”

The dance will take place April 26, so Bledsoe has a little over a month to grab the attention of one of Hollywood’s hottest stars. Shall we help her out?


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