Recap: Lost Girl, Season 3, Episode 3 – ConFaegion

Published on CherryGrrl on February 1, 2013

This week Bo finds herself fending off the rampant thugs that the Morrigan has been sending after her because of the alleged kill she made outside the Dal. Bo desperately needs help and asks The Ash, aka Hale, but he says he’ll only be able to help if she can get a totem known as the Staff of Righteousness back.

While Bo is off looking for the totem, Vex is trying to get back over to the Dark side. He steals Bo’s phone which has incriminating footage of The Morrigan on it and gives it to her, hoping this will help him get back to his old life.

Later, Bo and Kenzi are searching their house for the missing phone while Vex acts like he has no idea where it is. Soon, Bo starts to act ditzy and Vex starts to flirt with Dyson. Next, Tasmin becomes foolish and all three start to giggle and flirt like middle schoolers. Lauren notices and runs off to try and figure out what’s causing this embarrassing childish behavior and notices part of a cocoon on Vex’s ear. She realizes a parasite has attached itself on him and spread to the other three.

Vex learns that this parasite turns the Fae into powerless, self-obsessed people which make them easy to kill. The Morrigan tells Vex that if he kills Bo and brings back the Staff, he will be able to get his old dark life back.

He goes to the house with Bo and friends inside, bringing along his three pig-killers with the goal of murdering Bo. Kenzi, who has grabbed the Staff of Righteousness becomes very powerful. Unfortunately, the pigs grab her and she can’t fight back. As Vex is about to bring an axe to Kenzi’s head, she is able to talk her way out of death. Instead, he kills one of the pigs and Kenzi gets the other two as Lauren brings Bo some medicine to knock out the childish spell that’s been over her.

Later, no one can remember the way they acted, though Bo, Dyson and Tasmin all know something important happened. Vex is shocked he nearly killed his friends and the episode ends with him leaving to go find his true self.


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